We have made this website in support of our plan to emigrate to Ecuador in September 2017 and to find like-minded people to dream, and to build a self-sufficient community in the Andes. After a year we decided we still didn't feel any link to this country. For this reason we left for Spain, to see if that resonates more.


About us

We, Tanja (47 years) and Eric (56 years), have 3 children: Beer (17 yrs), Lem (14 years) and Mar (13 yrs). Tanja is a midwife since the year 2000 and Eric went from a business in automotives to houseman-ship in 2004. In 2005 we left the Netherlands and moved to New Zealand.

It was already a dream to have nature, peace and quiet around us and to be self-sufficient. Also; New Zealand had a midwife system which is very similar to the Dutch system so that Tanja could easily start working there. After a few years to integrate, we bought a piece of land of 9 hectares (20 acres), with native bush, a river and a waterfall. We started making the land self-sustaining.

But unfortunately in 2010 Tanja got burned-out. This took away the income and the land was not really developed enough for self-sustainment yet.

We sold the house and land and started traveling through Australia and consequently lived there for a few years until we decided to return to the Netherlands late 2012.

It is now 2017, the year we will emigrate to Ecuador with the whole family.

Our desire is to build up a self-sufficient life, preferably with multiple people. A kind of small village that can sustain itself, would be great. We see this 'inner vision' happening in the Andes mountainrange, at Vilcabamba. This is an area where the weather throughout the year has an average temperature of 20-25 degrees Celcius and where everything grows easily.

For all those who read this and feel a thrill, like to work with expanding their consciousness and recognize the desire and the pull of the area (consciously or unconsciously): contact us!

In the blog is further explaned why we go, how we go and all the developments on the way.

We leave in September 2017 and it would be great to dream and realize together with others!




My name is Tanja Smeets, I'm 47yrs old, married to Eric, mother of four children and graduated as a midwife in the Netherlands in December 2000.

All together I worked in the Netherlands for about 10 years and in New Zealand for about 6 years as a midwife.

I gained a very broad and extensive experience in many areas of midwifery. I often work with homeopathy, herbal medicine and theta healing in different situations.

Before 2013, I stopped working for 1-2 years, because I could not subject myself to the 'model of care', imposed by the state.

I made big inner changes that 'forced' me to be more honest and more transparent. I did not yet know how I could integrate this in my work.

Since 2013 I started working again (in the Netherlands). I have a lot more understanding of myself and my motivation for doing or not doing things. Also I have a much clearer picture as to how I can work the way I want to.

Since my return I have primarily been occupied with the autonomy of women in the birth care system. As a result I set up courses for midwives to develop their own consciousness and deal with their own fears and I started giving lectures throughout the country.

There is still a lot of change needed in the Netherlands in many areas, but that is for those who feel called to do this, because I'm going to take a different path now.

The decision to emigrate to Ecuador will mean a more 'inward journey' for me and in the Netherlands I'm "done", it feels like. More about this in the blog.


So; I'm Eric-Jan Kemna 56, married with Tanja, born in Breda. I'm the father of three children with my partner Tanja. I graduated from the PTHN as a teacher automotive technology. After giving automotive technical training for 2 years, I had a business until 2004. This business consisted of the sale and installation of mobile phones, car hi-fi, alarm, navigation systems etc. I had a business orientated mind and worked a lot. I hardly saw my children and our relationship was not taking a right course. We changed direction in 2004 and I sold my business. I became, and still am, houseman.

I started working on my own development. This by courses including "loving yourself" (2003-2004) etc.

We emigrated to NZ in February 2005. Besides my housemanship and "ongoing" process to work on myself (e.g. meditate a lot and even Vipassana courses), I was trying to prepare the land to build our own house. We already constructed a road and had the ground prepared on a hill.  After a 10-day course "adobe-situ" that I followed, I became addicted to this concept and I wanted to build our house with "clay" (adobe-situ).

After my wife got burned out, we left NZ and my house project never got off the ground. After this we spent two years in Australia and in the last year I had an little business as a handyman. I liked Australia, but felt no connection: it was hard to really connect with the 'ozzie' men for me.

At the end of 2012 we moved back to the Netherlands. It feels ok-ish for me to be here, but not dynamic or 'blooming'. It feels more like 'simmering' and going about your daily stuff and then eventually stepping into your grave. And that's ok, but I want more. I would like to 'live' and thrive. I have a feeling that it might be easier to do this in Ecuador for me. So September 2017 we go!