• After much reading and thinking our conclusion is, that it is probably easiest to go to Ecuador as a tourist to start with. This is, since a newly released law (February 2017), possible for 180 days. In this time, we can figure out (hopefully with others) which piece of land appeals to us most and how do we will go about everything. After those 180 days (since the new law) the visa is first transferred to a temporary residence permit. This permit will be based on a 'professional visa'. This means you get a visa based on your (higher) education.
    This gives us the time to look for land at our own pace.
    After a few years, you can proceed from a temporary to a permanent residence permit.
  • Our idea is that anyone who is joining us contributes this part themselves. There is more possible in the purchase of land, if everyone contributes into a common funds. Also; money has a symbolic value in this. The idea is for everyone to stand on their own two feet. Even if we (or others) didn't come along; you would still -independently-go ahead and fulfil your dream.
  • We are considering buying a sea-worthy container and pack and store this in the Netherlands for the 180 days that we are on a tourist visa in Ecuador. To know what we can bring, we will contact an Ecuadorean shipping agent. We know from experience stories that you always have to pay tax on your stuff and sometimes even a 'bribe'. Experience stories also show that despite the difficulty of taking your stuff, this still greatly outweighs buying it all in Ecuador. It seems that it is very pricey, also secondhand items, and that the quality of the items is mostly disappointing.
  • For the children we are considering switching to English schooling to use The Cambridge Advanced Certificate of Education (AICE) as a exam. This 'high school' diploma is accepted worldwide. Our children are largely English speaking and reading from their time in New Zealand, anyway.
  • Moste communities are based on an idea. We have some trouble with this notion that it has to be based on an idea. Ideas tend to become dogma quite easily.
    Off course we find Anastasia's books inspiring. And off course permaculture and self sufficienty is the way to go. We alos think the bases on which Findhorn was founded is great and inspiring and there are many more ideas to which we take a liking.
    Still, we would like to keep this open. It must ne possible to have a basis of common sense and good will, together, and get very far with this? In out opinion that is the basis. The search on how to run a great community together is the valuable part. Life is -and always will be- a search. No goal has to be reached, the search is the goal.